Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Jackel, The Hyenia, or The Devil

Jackels are known scavengers. They prefer not to hunt but will steal a kill from a predator at any chance. They are opportunitistic and will kill if they are forced to. Mostly they like to come upon remains left by others. Jackels usually operate in packs and have been known to eat their own.

The Hyenia, though thought of as a scavenger is truly a capable hunter. They have the strongest jaws in the angimal kingdom and can crush a bone effortlessly. They too like to steal someone elses kill but will hunt efficiently. The Hyenia is truly formidable. Like the Jackel, they will eat their own.

The Devil needs no description. The Devil is capable of any evil and is quite creative at causing pain and destruction. The Devil will devour your very soul or take charge of it, which ever happens to suit him. Of course the Devil is only symbolic of the evil of which man is capable.

We come now to Hillary, Obama, McCain. McCain as we all know, is openly and clearly a war mongering, dottering old man who never quite made it to his goal in life. That goal is not quite clear to me but I am sure it goes along with misery and strife. McCain wants to bomb Iran and keep our combat troops in Iraq for hmmm maybe 100 years. He is very open about that. Hillary and Obama on the other hand
want to take combat troops out of Iraq. The operative word here is *combat*. This does not mean we will re-deploy all of our troops. Just our combat troops, leaving behind, Blackwater and other contractors as well as troops to guard our precious installations in Iraq. Obama is also in favor of this plan. He is also in favor of sending troops to Pakistan to continue the war on terror.

The Iraqis do not want us there. They do not want Blackwater, Dyncorp, CACI or any of the rest. They do not want US troops in their country. Geeze, who would? Do Obama and Hillary think for one moment that there will not be aggression under those circumstances? Do they really believe that the Iraqis will not continue to kill and be killed? Give me a break.

McCain is clearly insane so I can sort of overlook his ideas and hope that enough American voters are not in favor of them to keep him out of the White House.

Hillary and Obama on the other hand manage to sound reasonable. Scary! Obama has scooped up the remains of the progressive movement and with his pretty words, has managed to pick up a great deal of momentum. Hillary got the left overs but believe this, Hillary is a formidable enemy. She has shown herself for what she is. The hunter with powerful jaws.

It is a sad day indeed when good men like Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, John Edwards have fallen away leaving us a Jackel, a Hyenia and a Devil.

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Rick said...

i agree, but the sadest thing of all is that the "progressive" blogs, and "progressive" radio is just going along with it. they now talk about the horse race like it is the way it is supposed to be, they have forgotten all about the issues, no one talks about "universal" health care, (they are not even trying to sell health insurance as care anymore), they talk about how much money hillary or obama has raise, and ignore the fact that the money they raised could have been put to good use. they ignore the john yoo's of the world and concentrate on telling us who is better, hillary or obama, ignoring the fact that neither is good. and the "main stream" media concentrates on obama's bowling, it is really sad