Monday, November 12, 2007

Bye Bye Blackwater

The Iraqi government is about to issue a new law ending the immunity of Blackwater and the approximately 8,500 contractors in Iraq. "The title of a letter sent by the interior ministry - and obtained exclusively CBS News - says it all: "Removing the legal immunity." Until now, security firms like Blackwater have operated under a grant of immunity issued in 2004 by the then-top American in Iraq, L. Paul Bremer. "

Paul Bremer, what a joke that guy is. The first thing he did in Iraq was to get rid of law enforcement there. To add insult to injury he uses private contractors like Blackwater to guard himself against the ensuing dangers. He btw was replaced with John Negroponte. What does that tell you about his job? Since Negroponte came along so did the death squads. Hmmm they seem to have followed him from South America.

Blackwater, Dyncorp, Triple Canopy and all the rest will not be missed. Though I cannot help but wonder what kind of chaos will ensue getting them out of there.

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