Thursday, November 15, 2007

This and That

The Debates
After watching the Democratic debates I have come to the conclusion that Joe Biden is a pompus ass. Chris Dodd is a jerk. Obama is a twirp. Richardson is a Teddy Bear. Hillary is a shame. Edwards, eh, he's not bad. I could live with him in the WH. BUT, Dennis, now Dennis is the Bomb! MHO for what it is worth. I want Dennis in the WH in '08. There you have it.

By now you have seen the video of the Polish non-English speaking immigrant who waited 10 hrs for his mother to meet him and in the end was tazered and killed by the police in Vancouver, BC, CA. In 10 hours no one was able to determine that the man needed some assistance? WTF? What are these people on? What planet is this? Don't people help each other anymore? Here is a man with no weapon who has not threatened anyone. He is lost, alone, unable to speak the language, just deplaned from his very first flight ever. He is tired, scared, anxious. This is not rocket science. Did no one in the airport notice this man in the baggage area for 10 hours? Of course he threw things. He was no doubt in a panic. So what do the police do, they taze and kill the man. He is tazed, on the floor writhing in pain, and they taze him again. Good grief. Then someone holds him down by putting his knee on the mans neck. Hello! Ever hear of breathing? I worked on some of the most dangerous psych units in this county. We did take downs all the time. We did not have tazers. We were trained to do a take down without harming anyone. Most of us were women, small women. If we could do it so can the police. It strikes me as sadistic somehow to repeatedly taze a person and even worse to kneel on a persons neck. The police departments need training in take downs. What is more, if the police cannot responsibly use their weapons they need to not be police. A tazer is a weapon. Supposedly non-leathal but people die from them too often to suit me. These same schmoos cannot find bomb parts in luggage. I am slapping my forehead here. How about you?

Tired of people being killed in the interest of safety.

Oh My Dog! Negroponte is being sent to Pakistan. I would bet the farm people will begin to die now. That seems to be his history. They don't call him Death Squad John for nothing.


Anonymous said...

you know, those cops will probably go home, watch 24 and think, what a fine job i did today, killed a terrorist, served him right for not knowing english

Anonymous said...

Here is that poem for Thom Hartmann you wanted (revised) - i thought i'd preserve it here for posterity ;)

Thom Hartmann,

Kucinich is in front of your parade, is he too short for you to see?

You talk about starting a parade, and you say this parade will be made of ideas.

So you talk about your ideas, and a parade is created.

Your parade grows larger and larger and you see other parades near you.

You like some of the ideas in the other parades, and they like some of yours - so you join together and create an even bigger parade!

THEN, you see three parades on tv, and you think to yourself - my parade will never be as grand as those parades.

So, you tell everyone in your parade about what you saw on tv, and they are all greatly saddened by what you think.

“Should we go home and give up?” they ask?, and you answer - NO, we should never give up! We should take over one of those parades!

And there is where we parted company, and you and many went off to join the Edwards parade.

I am not in my parade because I like Kucinich, Kucinich is that “leader” that you talk about so often, the ones that jump in front of parades – those parades of ideas.

Kucinich jumped in front of my parade – he jumped in front of your parade also!

Kucinich says what YOU said you wanted to hear from a politician - is he just not pretty enough for you?