Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Homelessness in America

The word is out, 25% of the homeless are veterans of the US military. I am not surprised when I consider the reason that many joined the military in the first place. Many of these people could not find work (compliments of outsourcing), they still can't, of course. Of those who had jobs before they were sent to Iraq, many find their jobs are not there anymore, which btw is illegal. Then there are the men and women with PTSD who have become unemployable by this horrible fiasco Beelza-Bush likes to call a war. There are the maimed as well. Kinda hard to work for the phone company without legs. Bush had the audacity to have himself smilingly photographed with some of the disfigured on Veteran Day. What did he have to smile about. He should have wept knowing that he was the cause of their problems. Instead he smiles with glee as if he enjoys being in the presence of those with missing limbs and faces burned beyond repair. What happens to the men and women, throw aways to Bushco, after they learn to walk on their new legs and get to go home. Do they have homes? Do they have families? If they do have families, will those families be able to cope with the PTSD, the physical limitations, the health problems heaped on these veterans? Living with someone with PTSD can be the most difficult and demanding situation ever. I know, I tried it. I failed. I nearly lost my life. Yet Jr. Bush smiles happily.

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