Friday, January 11, 2008

Forgive Me For Laughing

Does anyone really believe that the Iranian Navy would be stupid enough to approach American war ships with the intention of attacking them in speed boats. OMDog, that is actually funny. Yet Dubya was audacious enough to stand up on National television yesterday and suggest just that. This guy, like most crazy people is often a hoot in a twisted sort of way.

If you would like to see what really happened? Look here:

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Rick said...

even this crew could not be this incompetant, there must be something else to this whole thing.
the guy at the corner store (Jordanian) says they are just trying to prop up amadinajad, since he is the only one looking good out of all this, he may be right.
for 500 billion a year, they could certainly have produced a better fake video if they wanted to (and hired someone with a persian accent!)