Saturday, January 5, 2008

The New Year Finally Arrives

Somehow the arrival of a new year, an election year, gives me a sense of hope. Call me crazy. You won't be alone. I feel a sense of change in the air even with all that is happening on the campaign trail.

Kucinich has filed a law suit in Texas due to the fact that he is not being allowed to have his name on the ballot! WTF? Gravel, Hunter and Kucinich are being blocked from debates in New Hampshire. Obama takes the lead in the Iowa Caucus (most likely because he was given the votes that would have been for Kucinich at the bidding of Dennis himself). My head is spinning. Huckabee, that scary little worm, wins in Iowa with Mitt taking second place. Geeze, what is wrong with Iowa? Of course the ReThugs really did not have much to choose from. Yet, I feel hopeful. Okay, I admit it, I am crazy.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dubya continues to tout his tax cuts for the rich. Banks are being bailed out by the government, the dollar is little more than worthless and the stock market would have crashed long ago had it not been for being artificially inflated.

The occupation in Iraq rages on. Our fearless leader continues to lie to us via HIS media by saying things are getting better. While it is true things are going his way, I would not call that *better*. Millions of lives have been ruined forever while Americans continue to drive their SUVs. Oh boy, Americans love those SUVs. McCain, the twisted old man, says it would be fine to leave troops there for 100 years. Good Grief. Still I am hopeful. Call me a doctor. No, I mean call a doctor for me.

Speaking of doctors, Glenn Beck, whose recent surgery went wrong, now sees how bad health care in America is and believe it or not, now says he understands compassion. Being a nurse and having been a patient, I can tell you all about our health care system but that would be a book. It is bad and has been for a very long time now.
I suppose I feel hopeful because I think things cannot possible get worse so surely they will get better.

Poverty and joblessness are up while we have more billionaires then ever before. Can you say banana republic? Prices are out of sight. Green peppers $1.50 each? Bread almost $4 a loaf? Imported food from China tainted with heaven knows what? Where will it end? Sometimes I think *they* are trying to kill us all by starvation.

Oil companies are doing well. Gas is now $3.21 a gallon here in my area. Still we drive our SUVs. Crude now $100 a barrel. Think of this, we could have been getting that same barrel of crude for $50 if King George the Myopic could play nice with Chavez.

Every day we hear of another cover up, another dirty deal. Think of the millions we don't hear of. Stop the world, I wanna get off.

But, crazy me, I feel hopeful. I will tell you why. I think the day is close where Americans will understand that it is up to us to change things. Damnit people, lock that SUV in the garage and take to the streets. Only YOU have the power to make change happen.

Rise Up!

Are you angry? Rise up!
They are stealing your freedom away.
If you’re angry, rise up.
We have a chance if you do it today!
They have stolen elections,
Lowered your wage, inflation is on the rise.
Rise up! Rise up!
Or the fat cats will be our demise.

Had enough yet? Rise up!
Honor the ones who have died
They gave their lies free,
For you and for me.
Rise up!

Are you angry? Rise up!
Our children are dying for oil.
If you’re angry, rise up!
Don’t let your freedom be spoiled.
They have lied for their ends,
And the truth is they spend
what we need for the hungry on war.
Rise up! Rise up!
Our nation will soon be no more.

Had enough yet? Rise up!
Does the patriot act make your blood boil?
They seize liberties,
We are no longer free.
Rise up!

Pay attention! Rise up!
We’re destroying the air that we breathe.
You should be angry. Rise up!
Our planet may soon cease to be.
For we are fouling the land,
As we drive our SUV’s
making oil companies richer than ever before.
Come on now, Rise up!
Our ruin is down to the core.

Does it irk you? Rise up!
The Bill of Rights is being ignored.
The law does not apply,
To those that will lie.
Rise Up!

Don’t accept it. Rise up!
Torturing prisoners is not our way.
You should be angry. Rise up!
As you read this it’s happening today.
For years without benefit of counsel
Hundreds being held in a tiny, dirty cell,
and no charges are brought
So rise up!
This is not a democratic line of thought.

General Hayden, Can you hear me?
Are you upset with my point of view?
Will you lock me in a cell,
Leave me there for years to dwell?
I can’t let you. I must rise up!

I am angry, I rise up!
I will block you at every given chance.
I will shout and I will sing.
I will chant and I will bring
a message from the people as I dance.
You will see me on the street, marching to a simple beat
And you will always know I’m there.
I rise up!
For the people have the power when they dare!

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Rick said...

Wow, glad to see you so upbeat Cristabel! But you know me, i'm one to believe that things must get MUCH worse before Americans will wake up. I am confused as to why you think things can't get worse, on the average, Americans are still fat and happy.