Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who Is Thom Hartmann?

Thom Hartmann, radio talk show host, author, counselor, whore.

I have been listening to Mr. Hartmann and reading his books for several years. He has been informative, tolerant and pleasant.

Thom was a big fan of John Edwards. I never understood why he, who states he is progressive, never supported Kucinich. Instead he supported Edwards. Now, Edwards is a good man, no doubt about it but come on, he was not the MOST progressive of the candidates. But, I digress. Thom pushed Edwards down our progressive throats ad nauseum. Now that Edwards has withdrawn his bid for the presidency, I expected some sense of sorrow from Thom. Instead, he has immediately and without missing a beat become the fan of Obama. He is a whore, he goes the way the wind blows and I have lost a good deal of respect for the guy as of today.

I am looking for an honest man. Can't find one anywhere. How depressing.

Meanwhile, GW Bush is setting things up nicely for the next despot. He has even taken the power of congress to impeach away. That is another story.


Rick said...

Yes, it is unfortunate when a man like thom hartmann get corrupted by big brother (or success, or whatever). Edwards never did anything like Kucinich has while he was in office, only as a candidate did he start talking about "universal health care" and even then, it was not universal, just talk.

Now Thom doesn't talk about the issues (except his own, which sound more like canned speaches than issues he really cares about), he wrote a book about "framing the issues" and he now willing engages in the corperate frame.

it makes one believe in big conspiracies

Rick said...

PS Edwards dropping out is a good example of his honesty, he only last week was saying he was in it ALL the way, but now it looks like he made a deal. i wonder who he picked hillary or obama? My bet is on hillary, after all, edwards is really just part of the establishment.

Rick said...

PPS I'm honest!